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CCP Support Series

15-Minute Renewal & Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Support Series are now offered DAILY!!!

Do you need a quick refresher on the annual 4-Step Renewal Process? Would you like to know why you must complete the CCP? Or do you need guidance on how to edit your profile? Or how to add a Learning Activity Record? Or how to write a fulsome reflection? Are you limited in time and want a targeted session that is 15 minutes in length?

If so, please join ACOT staff for one of our daily 15-Minute Renewal & CCP Support Series sessions hosted via Microsoft Teams meetings. No need to pre-register, just click on the link for the session date/time below.

Part 4. What is an acceptable Reflection & what are the expectations for the 6 components of the CCP? (Steps 2 & 3 of Renewal)

Feb 3, 4-415pm

Part 1. Overview of the 4-Step Renewal Process (Steps 1-4 of Renewal)

Feb 6, 12-1215pm

Ask Alanna

This is an opportunity for registrants to join ACOT on MS Teams, to ask their questions LIVE. Alanna Ferguson, Director of Competence and Practice, will be available to coach registrants through queries on the renewal process, continuing competence expectations, 2022 National e-Learning module or any aspect of your practice.

Ask Alanna starts Feb 7, 4-415pm

Challenges Completing Renewal

ACOT recognizes how challenging it can be to fit in registration renewal with all the other things going on, from the pressures in OT practice to life events outside of work. Remember to schedule this legal obligation in well before the end of February, to save yourself from the stress of missing the renewal deadline. Each year 50+ people miss the deadline and are required to re-apply to ACOT. The process can take up to two weeks or more, as a new criminal record check with vulnerable sector check is required, along with the new application and associated fees.

During the reapplication period, OTs are not able to work, and we are not able to expedite the process due to the volume of re-applications being received. Thank you for your attention to renewal requirements, and for all your service to Albertans.

Mandatory, 2022 National eLearning Module

The national eLearning module was developed by the Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations (ACOTRO), to educate occupational therapists about the 2021 Competencies.

You must complete the online module prior to renewing your practice permit.

You can access the eLearning module here:

2022 National eLearning Module Tips

Ensure a completed status: The system provides ACOT with the names of those who have completed the modules, so there is no need to add the module reflection sheet to your ACOT continuing competence program (CCP) learning plan or learning records. Although you are welcome to add them into your CCP if you wish for your own tracking purposes. To receive the certificate, you must complete the survey.