Driving plays an enormous role in maintaining an independence in North American culture. Enabling a client to drive safely and be able to participate in their daily activities is very rewarding.

Ryan Sommner, OT

The Council

Council Members

Andrea Petryk
President – Sherwood Park
Peter Portlock
Public Member – Edmonton
Elizabeth Taylor
Past President – Edmonton
Jennifer Lee
Vice-President – Calgary

Sheron Parmar
Councillor – Edmonton
Arwen Caines
Councillor – Calgary
Tiffany Poltz
Public Member – Calgary
Heidi Knupp
Councillor – Edmonton

Strategic Plan

Council Elections

The term in office for a councillor is three years. Regulated OTs of the College are eligible to stand for election if they have practiced occupational therapy for a minimum of one year. To stand for election, a regulated OT must complete a nomination form. Regulated OTs interested in standing for election or requiring more information should contact the Chair, Nominations Committee at: council@acot.ca.

Council Meetings

We are governed by a Council that includes occupational therapists elected by their peers, and members of the public appointed by the Alberta government. To learn more about council discussions and decisions, look at our Council Minutes or our Directory of Motions.


nder the Health Professions Act (HPA), ACOT’s Council is responsible for governing the profession in the public’s interest. Council carries out this responsibility by developing and adhering to the Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and Bylaws.