I love meeting clients from various backgrounds and walks of life, it educates me about the people in the world and their lifestyles.

Amy Halpenny, OT

Receive Competent Care

Regulating competent and ethical occupational therapy services has been and will always be ACOT’s primary focus.  

Each and every occupational therapist, as a member of the College and is responsible for managing their own professional practice within the College’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. In order to practice occupational therapy in Alberta, all occupational therapists must meet all of the registration requirements including maintaining the required number of practice hours and completion of continuous learning activities.

Occupational therapists are expected to continually improve their skills. Advancing their knowledge and skills is essential to meet the demands of changing practice environments and diverse client needs. The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) uses a reflective practice approach where OTs assess and reflect on how their practice adheres to the College’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Each year they set goals and select learning activities to achieve those goals. Throughout the year, they reflect on and record how the learning activities undertaken have enhanced or evolved their practice.

Registrants must complete all components of the CCP prior to renewing their annual practice permit.  See the Meeting CCP Requirements page for more details on what is included in the ACOT CCP.