Legislation and Standards

It is the responsibility of all registered occupational therapists to be knowledgeable of and adhere to all relevant public protection legislation, regulatory and professional legislation, bylaws, standards of practice, and code of ethics applicable to his/her/their occupational therapy practice (Standard 1.2).

The following resources assist the public and occupational therapists to understand the governing legislation, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics that OTs must adhere to. Additional legislation, standards and codes may apply, for example, in cases of OTs in private practice who must follow local business licensing requirements.

Health Professions Act, Chapter H-7

Occupational Therapists Profession Regulation

Health Professions Restricted Activity Regulation

ACOT Bylaws

New Standards of Practice – Note: Only two of the 13 standards in this document are in effect as of June 16, 2023

ACOT Standards of Practice

ACOT Code of Ethics and Ethical Scenarios

Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada

Applicable Alberta Privacy Legislation

Patient Relations Program