Driving plays an enormous role in maintaining an independence in North American culture. Enabling a client to drive safely and be able to participate in their daily activities is very rewarding.

Ryan Sommner, OT

Roles and Responsibilities

ACOT, the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists is the licensing/regulatory body for occupational therapists in Alberta. The primary role of a regulatory body is to protect and serve the public interest. ACOT accomplishes this role through a variety of ways listed below:

  • Setting registration requirements; issuing practice permits
  • Informing the public about such topics as qualifications for “entry into practice”, registration requirements, etc.
  • Monitoring adherence to ACOT Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Establishing programs and guidelines that promote competent and ethical OT practice (e.g., Continuing Competency Program, practice guidelines)
  • Responding to concerns raised about registrants’ practice
  • Contributing to national OT core competency and standards’ documents
  • Publishing inter-provincial documents/agreements as appropriate (e.g., agreement on internal trade, memorandums of understanding)
  • Assisting OTs in interpreting applicable public protection legislation, public health orders, regulatory and professional legislation, standards of practice and code of ethics
  • Liaising with key stakeholders (e.g. Annual Report provided to the Minister of Health)