My Permit

Renew Permit

Regulated members (registrants) of ACOT are required to renew their practice permit annually. The College registration year is from March 1 to February 28/29. As a condition of practice permit renewal each year, registrants: 

  • Review and update personal and employment information (note, you can login to change your name and employer at any point in the registration year). 
  • Report the number of hours they have been engaged in the practice of occupational therapy.  
  • Complete all components of the Continuing Competence Program, and 
  • Declare that they remain in good standing, have completed any mandatory training and have personally held professional liability insurance.  

Registrants can login here to renew their practice permit

Step by Step Renewal Guide

Cancel Registration and Permit

Will you be retiring, taking a leave of absence, or going on medical or parental leave? If so, please contact ACOT to discuss options and timing for cancellation of your practice permit – or 780.436.8381. 

See also Parental Leave Information 

Remember that once you cancel your practice permit, you are no longer able to practice occupational therapy or use the title of occupational therapist (OT) in Alberta.  

Re-Register for Permit

Are you wanting to re-register with ACOT after cancelling your registration (i.e., coming out of retirement, returning from a leave of absence such as a medical leave or parental leave, returning to Alberta after practicing elsewhere, returning to practice after an extended leave, not renewing your permit on time)? If so, please initiate the re-registration process for the General, Provisional or Courtesy Register through the Registrant Login rather than starting a new application. Contact the ACOT office if you do not recall the email address you used for login – 780.436.8381 or  

Re-Registration Guide

Advanced Authorization for Acupuncture

Acupuncture is currently the only restricted activity requiring advanced authorization for regulated occupational therapists in Alberta (Health Professions Restricted Activity Regulation, Section 39). Only registrants who have provided the required evidence to the Registrar of having successfully completed advanced training to perform acupuncture competently and ethically may perform this activity and have it included in their ACOT Profile. To request approval for this advanced authorization, login to the online platform and edit your ACOT Profile to include acupuncture. You will be directed to enter and upload the required evidence of advanced training for Registrar review and approval.