Standards of Practice Consultation

The members of the Refresh Project Working Groups and Steering Committee have worked together with ACOT staff since May 2022 to prepare the new set of fifteen Standards of Practice (SoP) and the Code of Ethics (CoE). The content in the new SoP and CoE has been included based on initial consultation with ACOT registrants in the March 2022, a fulsome review of other colleges’ SoP and CoE (provincially, nationally, internationally), consultation with legal counsel and other key partners, and follow-up consultation with registrants throughout August-December 2022.

Click on the + signs below for background information on the SoP/CoE Refresh Project, including recommendations stemming from the review of other colleges’ SoP/CoE, initial registrant consultation, and the anticipated timelines for when ACOT will be able to adopt the new set of SoP and CoE.

Draft Documents

Consolidated Standards of Practice

Code of Ethics

Feedback Surveys – Have Your Say

To assist you in providing input, we have created two options for you to record your feedback.

  1. A general survey where you can record your overall impression of the SoP and CoE. Refer to the drafts linked above and click here to access the general survey.
  2. Separate feedback surveys for the introduction, glossary and each of the standards within the Standards of Practice document and the ethical responsibilities within the Code of Ethics document.

For Option 2, click on the heading for each of the standards and the code of ethics listed in the bullets below to be linked to the surveys. Within Option 2 you can also choose to provide feedback section by section or in general. You are welcome to complete as many or as few surveys as your time permits – plan for 5-10min for each survey.

For either option, feel free to complete on your own or as a group (e.g., staff/team meeting, community of practice meet-up, etc.)

Standards of Practice

Practice Standards

Specific Standards

Code of Ethics