Helped to get my hand moving. Instill personal confidence and courage.

Leizel Rodruigez, Client

CCP Resources

Continuing Competence Spring and Summer Meet Ups

Do you need a refresher on why you must complete the CCP? Would you like guidance on what content you should include in each component of the CCP? Or how to add a Learning Activity Record? Would you like the opportunity to get quick and easy advice from ACOT staff while you login and add content to your own CCP? Or network with other OTs from across the province about how they approach selecting indicators or creating their learning plans for their practice area/setting?

If so, join us for our 30 mins, Spring and Summer CCP Meet Ups. No need to pre-register, just click on the link for the session date/time below.

Thursday, August 11, 1230-1pm

ACOT’s Become A Registration Pro – 2 Part Series:

Part 1- Why do I need this? Overview of the Continuing Competence Program

Part 2 – What button do I push? Renewal presented step by step with examples

Continuing Competence Program Reference Materials:

NEW: QUICK Step-by-Step Renewal

NEW: QUICK Step-by-Step Self Assessment

NEW: QUICK Step-by-Step Learning Plan

Guide to Registration Renewal

CCP Submission Rubric

Answers to Registrant Questions About the CCP

Examples of CCP Submissions for Unique Practice Areas & Settings

Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Step-by-Step Guide

Reflective Practice

Origin of Reflective Practice

Ruth Duggan’s Research on Reflective Practice

The Critical Incident

Journaling as Reflective Practice

Individual Reflection vs. Group Reflection

Reflection in Action

Reflection in Your Daily Practice