Driving plays an enormous role in maintaining an independence in North American culture. Enabling a client to drive safely and be able to participate in their daily activities is very rewarding.

Ryan Sommner, OT

CCP Resources

Continuing Competence Meet Ups

Do you need a quick refresher on how to edit content in your annual Continuing Competence Program? Would you like guidance on how to edit your profile? Or how to write a reflection? Or how and when to upload supporting documents to a Learning Activity Record? Are you limited in time and want a targeted session that is 15mins in length?

If so, please join ACOT staff for one of our 15min CCP Meet Ups. No need to pre-register, just click on the link for the session date/time that works for you.

* Dates will be added the week of Jan 17, 2022.

The following written materials have been prepared to assist in completing the Continuing Competence Program requirements:

NEW: QUICK Step-by-Step Renewal

NEW: QUICK Step-by-Step Self Assessment

NEW: QUICK Step-by-Step Learning Plan

Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Step-by-Step Guide

Guide to Registration Renewal

Answers to Registrant Questions About the CCP

CCP Submission Rubric

2020-21 CCP Information Sessions: Slide Deck

2020-21 CCP Information Session: Video

CCP Submission Examples to Accompany Slide Deck

Examples of CCP Submissions for Unique Practice Areas & Settings

The following video tutorials have been prepared to assist in navigating the online registration/continuing competence platform:

Updating Your Profile – Part 1 (Name, Contact Information, Credentials)

Updating Your Profile – Part 2 (Employment Status, Practice Hours)

Updating Your Profile – Part 3 (Specializations, Other Jurisdictions)

Completing Your CCP – Part 1 (CCP Overview and Self-Assessment)

Completing Your CCP – Part 2 (Initiating Your Learning Plan)

Completing Your CCP – Part 3 (Completing Your Learning Plan)

Completing Your CCP – Part 4 (Editing your Learning Goals Mid-Year)

Reflective Practice

Origin of Reflective Practice

Ruth Duggan’s Research on Reflective Practice

The Critical Incident

Journaling as Reflective Practice

Individual Reflection vs. Group Reflection

Reflection in Action

Reflection in Your Daily Practice