CCP Meet Up, Resources & Complaints Tip

CCP Meet Up

Reminder, the quarterly, Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Meet Up is on Nov 18, 2021, Noon-1pm. The Meet Ups are intended as a quick and easy way to get advice from ACOT and other OTs on what to document in your continuing competence Learning Plan including what type and how much information to include. Click on the link to the Teams meeting accessed from the CCP Resources page of the ACOT website.

Practice and Continuing Competence Guidance Resources

Have you seen ACOT’s Practice Guideline on Practice Across Jurisdictions or the Practice Guideline on Standards for Documentation? Check out these any many more handy resources on the Practice Resources and CCP Resources pages on the ACOT website often! 

Top Causes of Unprofessional Conduct and Tips to Avoid It

Complacency about professional standards

Some professionals with a great deal of experience become complacent about professional standards and begin to develop “sloppy” practices.

What you can do:

Remember that a commitment to professionalism is a life-long commitment. Professional standards apply as much to a new graduate as a professional with 30 years experience.

Regularly work on refreshing your understanding of professional standards.

Don’t count on your experience and seniority to help you get away with sloppy practices.

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Two-factor Authentication – It’s on!

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