Bill 30, Additional Proposed Changes to the Health Professions Act, New Practice Resources

Bill 30

Bill 30, the Health Statutes Amendment Act 2020 includes the Health Professions Act amendment that will directly impact ACOT, effective April 1, 2021. This amendment will increase the number of public members appointed to regulatory college councils, complaint review committees and hearing tribunals to 50% of each group’s membership up from 25%.

ACOT’s Council will be updating its bylaws over the coming months to reflect this increase in the required number of public members.

Additional Proposed Changes to the Health Professions Act

ACOT is working on its response to Alberta Health’s discussion paper on proposed amendments to the Health Professions Act. All health professional regulatory Colleges have been invited to respond, as well as various other stakeholder organizations such as Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professions. The Alberta Medical Association has posted a discussion paper.

Keep an eye on your eNews in the coming weeks for further information on ACOT’s response to Alberta Health’s discussion paper.

New Practice Resources

We have started adding to the collection of practice guidance resources available on the ACOT website. The latest resources added include practice guidelines on Standards for Documentation, Electronic Communications with Clients, Information and Privacy Disclosure Legislation, Legislative and Regulatory Considerations for OTs in Private Practice, and Answers to Asked Questions About: Private Practice.

These new resources can be accessed from the Practice Resource page along with the latest versions of the COVID-19 and Virtual Care practice guidelines.

The latest COVID-19 Practice Guideline includes important information for OTs employed and contracted by schools and early childhood services providers.

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