Updated COVID-19 Guidance & Auditing Survey Moved

Updated COVID-19 Guidance

The ACOT COVID-19 guidance document has been updated to reflect the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s (CMOH) June 10th announcement about the relaunch of schools in the Fall. The guideline has been expanded to reflect that it is applicable to OTs if they are self-employed, employed or contracted by school boards/districts, or if their employers directions on how to adhere to the public health orders do not at least meet (or exceed) the directives for regulated health professions outlined in CMOH 16-2020. It also clarifies the requirement/explanation for continuous masking of all health care providers when the 2m distance between clients/co-workers cannot be maintained.

This document, along with all other practice guidance documents, can be found in the Practice Resources page of the ACOT website.

Auditing Survey Moved to September

ACOT’s Competence Committee wants to hear from you! We have revised the timing for our Continuing Competence Program (CCP) auditing survey to September, so the Committee can test and update a draft auditing rubric before including it in the survey for your input.Your past experiences with audits and your thoughts on what might be valuable auditing practices going forward will help to inform the Competence Committee’s work to develop auditing policies and procedures.

All audit policies and procedures that are developed will be sent to you and posted on ACOT’s web site well in advance of any future audits taking place. The Occupational Therapists Profession Regulation requires ACOT to periodically audit a sample of registrants’ CCP submissions. Note that to be consistent with the wording in our Regulation, we will be moving away from “audit” language towards “review and evaluation” language.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about today’s eNews. Email is the easiest way to contact us as we are working remotely: https://acot.ca/about-acot/college/