Reminder – Council Applications Due April 1st

The Benefits of Joining Council by Andrea Petryk, ACOT’s President

I would like to speak to you today of my experience on ACOT’s Council. I admit when I joined, I was uncertain. I didn’t know about how this commitment would affect my personal and professional life. I was motivated by my passion for our profession and by the possibilities of a change of pace from my clinical work. I was also hoping to develop leadership skills that would open management opportunities in my future.

I can tell you now, I’ve been inspired! From my first few Council meetings, I could tell this was a group of people that was ready to work and work together. The Council application process is geared at maintaining a complementary mix of members’ skills and knowledge. We currently have members of diverse age, practice, and life experience, including two public members with experience in leadership, regulation and the oversight of organizations. The Council’s governance model is explicit and well established, which helps those of us with little experience on boards participate fully in the responsibilities of Council. Opportunities for leadership were made available to me right from the start, from chairing committees to my current position of President.

ACOT is committed to professional growth at all levels of the organization. I found the onboarding procedure to be personalized and extensive with ongoing support during my first year. ACOT provides generous access to conferences, courses, webinars, governance and working with government and other stakeholders. The Council is also committed to orientation and training for leadership positions.

Why do I recommend that you join Council? Occupational Therapy requires us to develop professional and personal skills that are easily applied across contexts and roles. Your skills and knowledge are needed on Council! In turn, you will strengthen the organization you work with by harnessing diverse experiences, building evidence-informed opinions, creating a positive environment and applying the best solutions to challenges.

On behalf of ACOT, I invite you to submit an application for membership on Council. Don’t wait! The deadline for applications is April 1.

I truly look forward to working with you,
Andrea Petryk