Practice Advisory Committee Update


I would like to thank all the members who have come forward to volunteer their time for this project.  It was great to see fellow OTs interested in moving professional practice forward.

The Committee was slow to get started, as I proposed a new working plan to Council which needed time to be approved.  This new plan included input from all of the members who volunteered to work on the Committee.  I was very excited to see the breath of expertise and interests of those who volunteered and thought the project would be much better if all of these volunteers were included in the process.

There is a primary Committee, a review sub-Committee and a group of reviewers who will all provide input into the document we are producing.  You, the membership, will also be asked to review the document and provide feedback in the coming months.

On August 21 we held an orientation for the Committee and sub-Committee, which was led by Liz Taylor and Maggie Fulford.  They explained the background of ACOT, the strategic plan and the governance model ACOT runs under.

September 9, I held an in-person meeting with the primary Committee to develop a draft of the document.  This meeting was very successful and we accomplished all our goals for the day, producing a document that outlined the Committee’s vision, mission and values for addressing professional practice, as well as a suggested operational process.  In a short follow up meeting, a smaller group further developed the values section of the document.

The next steps will be to convene the sub-Committee for their input into the document, revise the document as needed and then receive feedback from the reviewers.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns regarding the Practice Advisory Committee.


Mary Culshaw