Council’s Open Forum Results – Your Input has Impact!

On November 25, 2018, Council held an Open Forum in Edmonton where important information was brought forward by attendees about mental health and provisional diagnosis, and questions were also raised about staying connected with ACOT during maternity leave. In response, ACOT posted information on maternity leave. We have also submitted a briefing note to Alberta Health requesting an update to Schedule 15 of the Health Professions Act to include diagnosis as one of the activities that OTs perform. We are awaiting response on this significant practice area.

On June 8, 2019, Council held an Open Forum in Calgary where attendees informed us about the optimization of the Therapist Assistant role and access to the problem list in Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) new information system, Connect Care. Also discussed was the follow-up being done with Alberta Health on the diagnosis issue, and the implications for OTs of the new Alberta College of Counseling Therapists being created.

We look forward to continued participation in Council’s Open Forums – note if you are unable to attend in person, online participation is always welcome.