Updates to ACOT’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP)

When it comes time to renew your practice permit by the end of February 2024, you’ll notice two versions of our CCP.  In Step 2 of Renewal, you will wrap up your 2023-2024 CCP using the same format that has been used for the past two years. This format is based on our current Standards of Practice (SoP) and Code of Ethics (CoE). In Step 3 of Renewal, you will initiate your 2024-2025 CCP using our refreshed format which features:

  • One registrant-selected goal – you will identify only one professional goal and create a learning plan for the registration year. The refreshed CCP will encourage you to critically reflect on how your professional goal aligns with one of the six domains in the 2021 Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada.
  • One College-selected mandatory activity and reflection – this will be an item ACOT wants to ensure all registrants have a baseline level of understanding about. For example, at some point throughout the 2024-2025 registration year you will be required to complete a module on our refreshed SoP and CoE . Going forward, each year there will be a specific learning activity you will be required to complete and reflect upon.

More information about the transition from the old to new CCP format will be forthcoming. Also watch for our CCP meet-ups which will be restarting Tue Sept 26, 12-1230 p.m.

Council Open Forum

You’re invited to participate in ACOT Council’s open forum on Saturday September 30, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. online at click here on September 30 to join the meeting. This is your opportunity to bring forward issues, concerns, questions, or any other matter you wish to share with Council, who welcomes your engagement!

We value your input, knowledge, and experiences and hope that you will join us at this open forum! If you have any questions about the open forum, if you would like specific topics addressed or require more information, please contact Marianne Baird, CEO and Registrar at Marianne.Baird@acot.ca or 780.436.8381 ext. 105.