Update on DRAFT Standards

Drafts of New Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Submitted to Government!

After a year of engagement in the development of ACOT’s new Standards of Practice (SoP) and Code of Ethics (CoE) we are happy to announce that the final drafts of the SoP and CoE were submitted to government for external partner review on Monday March 13, 2023 – see the Standards of Practice Refresh page to view the versions that were submitted.

We would like to take this time to acknowledge and sincerely thank the members of the SoP/CoE Refresh Project working groups and steering committee. The registrants and public members contributed their time and perspectives to ensure the expectations outlined in the SoP and CoE are applicable to all registrants regardless of role, responsibilities, job title, practice area or practice setting, client population, years in practice or level of experience. Those who have consented to having their names published include:

Amanda Melnik

Angie Phenix (registered member of SSOT and Co-Chair of the Occupational Therapy and Indigenous Health Network)

Ashly Black

Camille Bailey

Carmen Lazorek

Cary Brown

Faiza Karim (AARI Committee representative)

Gayla Grinde

Jennifer Baird

Heidi Knupp (ACOT Council representative and Chair of the SoP/CoE Working Group)

Jenna Gauthier

Kate Brooke

Katelyn Favel (AARI Committee representative)

Kathleen Ryan

Lindsay Eales

Lisa Pashniak

Marty Pendreki (public member)

Patti Plett

Patty O’Krafka

Shalmin Jadavji

Shayne Berndt

Shinu Johnrin

Susanne Lesiak Walton

Taylor Guy

Whitney McKenzie (ACOT Council representative and Chair of the Refresh Steering Committee)

We would also like to acknowledge ACOT’s staff, Council and AARI Committee, all of whom reviewed various drafts of the documents and provided thoughtful and constructive feedback. Special thanks also to Deanna Starr (registered member of SSOT) who joined the other Indigenous OTs (Angie and Katelyn) and ACOT staff in-person as we reviewed the SoP/CoE content from a critical, anti-racist viewpoint.

Finally, thanks to the registrants who took the time to complete the SoP/CoE feedback surveys (61 responses in total) or attend the input sessions (93 attendees). Being able hear directly from those on the frontlines of occupational therapy service provision was invaluable.

We anticipate the drafts being with government anywhere from 3-6 months. In the meantime, ACOT’s current Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics remain in effect, until the new SoP and CoE are formally launched in November/December 2023. Please contact Angela Meneley if you have any questions or have additional feedback on the draft SoP/CoE.