The Competence Committee Needs You!

The Council of the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists has struck the ad hoc Competence Committee to revamp the continuing competence program for the 2020-2021 registration year, and we are looking for up to 5 volunteers to join the committee. It is very important to the College that the committee consists of individuals in diverse OT roles to best represent the membership.

Why is the program being changed?

The College’s strategic plan aims to achieve regulatory and professional excellence. We believe that achieving regulatory excellence includes having a user-friendly, engaging continuing competence program that works for Occupational Therapists in diverse roles and fosters continuous learning. Our goal is to have a continuing competence program that enhances public confidence in the knowledge, skills and abilities of Alberta’s Occupational Therapists and encourages members to excel in their professional development.

Why join the Competence Committee?

As a member of the Competence Committee you will have a vital role in revamping the continuing competence program and ensuring that it is an effective tool for OTs in various positions; this is your opportunity to ensure the changes work for you! Don’t forget, the time you spend working on the committee can be counted towards your practice hours.

What is the time commitment?

As a member of the committee, you will be required to attend approximately 1 to 2 teleconference meetings per month on weekday evenings. The work of the committee is expected to commence in January 2019 with an approximate completion date of July 2019 with possible extension.

How do I volunteer for the Competence Committee?

If you are interested in joining the committee, please send an email stating why you are interested in participating and a brief description of your work experience to Karen Blumenstock, Chair of the Competence Committee, at A shortlist of individuals who collectively offer the most diversity in practice will be given to Council for approval.