We’ve had a higher number of calls since the start of January from new OT graduates (currently Provisional OTs) and their supervisors asking for guidance on supervision and documentation co-signing requirements. We hope the following 3 tips will be helpful, whether you’re a supervisor or a new grad/provisional OT:

  1. The provisional OT requires supervision until they are on the full OT register. In order to be transitioned to the full register, all requirements for registration must be met, including (but not limited to) the submission of official transcripts from the University of Alberta.
  2. Clear communication and a shared understanding of the supervisor’s and provisional OT’s roles and responsibilities will be crucial to ensure optimal client care and safe delivery of OT services. Please refer to the Supervised Practice Guide for specifics.
  3. The supervising OT will need to continue to sign off on the provisional OT’s documentation until they feel confident that the provisional OT:
  • is competent in the area of practice they are working in AND
  • knows their limitations/when to ask the supervising OT for input (before proceeding to work with a client).

ACOT will have a one-hour presentation on this issue on Friday, March 15th at 12 noon.

No need to pre-register, just click on the link below:

Guideline for Provisional OTs Presentation

Meeting ID: 957 2661 6810

Passcode: 509429