Renewal Reminders

We have the first week of practice permit renewal under our belts and are pleased to report that we have a record number of registrants with renewed permits so far compared to this point in past years!!

ACOT Staff take pride in replying promptly to phone calls, emails and approving profile updates. However, as call/email volumes increase during the renewal period, delays may ensue. You can help by renewing your permit well before the February 29, 2024 deadline and by giving staff 2-5 days to respond rather than calling or emailing again. Registrant questions will be responded to as soon as possible in the order they are received.

Important!! – remember to;

  • login in to cancel your practice permit if you are not planning to renew,
  • complete the mandatory modules on prevention of sexual abuse and misconduct as you will be declaring that you have completed them in Step 4 of the Renewal Process,
  • renew before 11:59pm on Wednesday February 14, 2024, to get the $550 early-bird renewal rate. Those renewing between Feb 15-29, 2024 will be invoiced for the full renewal fee of $650.

Renewal & CCP Support Series

Do you want a brief overview of ACOT’s Refreshed CCP? Do you need a refresher on why you must complete the CCP and how to complete it during Renewal? Do you want a review of the Renewal Process? Do you want a review of Reflective Practice and how to incorporate it throughout your CCP? Would you like the opportunity to get support from an ACOT staff member while you login and add content to your own CCP?

If so, ACOT is offering, daily, 15-minute, Renewal & CCP Support Series. Topic content and times are listed. No need to pre-register, just click on the link for the session date/time below.

Overview of Refreshed CCP– Wednesday, January 10th, 12pm

Overview of Renewal– Thursday, January 11th, 12pm

Profile Update– Friday, January 12th, 12pm

Adoption of New Standards of Practice (SoP) and Code of Ethics (CoE) Delayed

The drafts of the new ACOT SoP and CoE remain with government, and we are eagerly preparing to receive the feedback from our external partners and finalize the documents for approval by ACOT’s Council. Although the feedback from the government is delayed, this is not stopping ACOT staff from preparing for adoption and implementation of the new SoP and CoE. Staff are continuing to prepare practice guidance documents to reflect the new SoP and CoE and plan to start orienting registrants to the new SoP and CoE throughout the 2024/2025 registration year. We are also working with our Indigenous colleagues in the collaborative drafting of a new “Acting to Address Indigenous-specific Racism” SoP which we hope will be ready to send out for registrant review this Spring.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please direct any questions regarding the new SoP and CoE to