Registration Renewal Reminder

Registration Renewal Reminder – Only 6 days left

Thanks to the ~1400 OTs who have completed their registration renewal already! If you are one of the almost 1000 still yet to initiate or finish the registration renewal process- we strongly encourage you to login in to do so as soon as possible to avoid having your practice permit expire.

If you plan to cancel your registration for any reason, please login to the system to cancel your registration before February 28th, otherwise a cancellation notice will be sent on March 2nd to your last employer we have on file.

IMPORTANT: Whether you are renewing or cancelling your registration, you are required to complete the mandatory modules on prevention of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct and document your learnings from these modules in a Learning Record within your 2020-21 Learning Plan. Please ensure this is done before you proceed to Step 3 of Renewal. ***NOTE – If you have already paid for your 2021-22 practice permit but have not added a Learning Record about the modules to your 2020-21 Learning Plan, your submission has been returned to you to do so. Any registrant that has not recorded completion of these modules in their 2020-21 Learning Plan by the February 28, 2021 deadline will be flagged for follow-up.

Several resources have been prepared to support you through the process of renewal including how to complete your 2020-21 and 2021-22 Continuing Competence Program (CCP) submissions, and how to navigate the online system. These resources can be found in the CCP Resources section of the ACOT website.

If you have any questions about registration renewal, cancellation, completion of your CCP submission, or adding your mandatory modules learning record, please contact us at as soon as possible. With increased call/email volumes, inquiries will be addressed in the order they were received.