Registration Renewal Reminder, ACOT’s Strategic Plan, CORECOM

Registration Renewal Reminder

As of February 19, 2020 approximately half of our over 2,300 OTs have completed their registration renewal for 2020-2021, and 255 OTs are in the process of completing their renewal.

If you are one of the 875 OTs who has not started their registration renewal, be sure to renew your registration before February 29, 2020 to avoid having your practice permit cancelled. The online system can get quite busy and slow down during the last few days of February, so we strongly encourage you to renew as soon as possible. Several resources have been prepared to support you through the process of renewal including how to complete your 2019-20 and 2020-21 Continuing Competence Program components. These resources can be found in the News & Resources section of the ACOT website.

Note: if you plan to cancel your registration for any reason, please login to the system to cancel your registration before February 29th, otherwise a cancellation notice will be sent on March 2nd to your last employer we have on file. Instructions on how to cancel your registration can be found in the Guide to Registration Renewal on the ACOT website.

If you require assistance with either renewing or cancelling your practice permit, contact Mallory Foreman, Registration Coordinator at or phone 780.436.8381 extension 101.

ACOT’s Strategic Plan

ACOT has experienced many changes in the past few years, as have occupational therapists across Alberta. With these changes have come exciting opportunities and challenges, which has set the stage for an update to ACOT’s Strategic Plan. We invite you to review the new Plan here.


CORECOM is a collaborative initiative to develop a single competency document that will outline entry to practice competencies and describe competencies used throughout occupational therapy practice. The CORECOM initiative will take two years and will be governed by a Tripartite Steering Committee with representatives from The Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations (ACOTRO), the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT), and the Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy University Programs (ACOTUP).

Further information about CORECOM can be viewed here:

Note CORECOM will be inviting over 18,000 OTs in Canada to comment on the Draft Competencies and Indicators through a national online survey. This was originally scheduled for Spring of 2020 and has now been revised to Fall of 2020. Stay tuned!