OTs and Diagnosis Survey, A Farewell, and ACOT is Hiring

Looking for up to Twenty Volunteers  – OTs and Diagnosis Survey

ACOT is exploring the current role of occupational therapists in diagnosing physical and mental health conditions. We have heard anecdotally that OTs perform this function in practice in some settings, and we are interested in finding out, through use of an anonymous survey, the extent to which this practice is occurring. ACOT understands this has been a gray area, and that practices may vary so that sometimes OTs identify characteristics suggestive of a diagnosis, sometimes OTs may identify a DSM-related diagnosis, or others. We are looking at this as part of a wider effort to update how OT practice is described in Schedule 15 of the Health Professions Act.

We are seeking up to 20 volunteers to refine a draft survey about diagnosis activities that will be sent to ACOT’s registered occupational therapists later in 2024. We will target people from across Alberta and across practice areas first and if more than 20 volunteers come forward, we will then draw names to identify participants. Two 1-hour meetings will be held in May to refine the draft survey, which will then be reviewed by ACOT’s Council during their May 28th meeting. If you are interested in participating in this important work, please contact marianne.baird@acot.ca  by May 6, 2024.

A Farewell and ACOT is Hiring

Many of you will know Angela Meneley who engaged with many occupational therapists and key partners to draft ACOT’s refreshed Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. This is one of many accomplishments during her five years with ACOT, first as Director of Policy and Practice with our Continuing Competence Program and then as Director of Regulation and Policy. We are grateful for all of Angela’s work for ACOT and wish her well as she moves on to her future endeavours.

We are seeking a full-time permanent Director of Regulation and Policy to join our ACOT team. For more information, see the Posting Director Regulation & Policy 2024.