OT Month, CCP Meet Ups & eLearning Mandatory Module

Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

Happy Occupational Therapy Month! Stayed tuned for more videos celebrating all that Occupational Therapists do!  #otmonth #occupationaltherapy

Whitney McKenzie, occupational therapist and ACOT Council member talks about being a practitioner on Council. She notes the importance of OTs participation in decision-making and regulatory oversight. Click the photo below to learn more.

Continuing Competence Autumn Meet Ups

Do you need a refresher on why you must complete the CCP? Would you like guidance on what content you should include in each component of the CCP? Or how to add a Learning Activity Record? Would you like the opportunity to get quick and easy advice from ACOT staff while you login and add content to your own CCP? Or network with other OTs from across the province about how they approach selecting indicators or creating their learning plans for their practice area/setting?

If so, join us for our 30 mins, Autumn CCP Meet Ups. No need to pre-register, just click on the link for the session date/time below.

Thursday, October 27, 12-1230pm

Tuesday, November 22, 330-4pm

eLearning Mandatory Module

The 2022 National eLearning Module on the Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada. ACOTRO, ACOTUP & CAOT (2021) is now available in both English and French.

The national eLearning module was developed with the Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy Regulatory Organizations (ACOTRO) and in partnership with occupational therapy regulatory bodies across Canada to educate occupational therapists about the 2021 Competencies.

You will have until the end of February 2023 to complete the online module.

You can access the eLearning module here: https://ot-elearning.skillbuilder.co/

2022 National eLearning Module Tips:

Review the 2021 competency document: Before you begin, make sure you have a copy of the Competency document available to reference throughout the eLearning module.

  • Use the reflection worksheet: the reflection worksheet is a fillable PDF that can be downloaded from the eLearning module and used as a means of tracking and documenting your learnings while working through the eLearning module. [option to link to reflection worksheet on registrar or ACOTRO website).
  • Allocate 1.5 hours: depending on your learning style and the extent of your engagement with eLearning resources, you should need about 1.5 hours to complete it.
  • Ensure you have a strong and consistent internet connection: this is something to check before you begin. You may also complete the module on different devices (e.g., smart phone, tablet), but you may have the best experience using a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Save your progress mid-way through completion: before you exit, make sure you click the logout button. If you step away from your computer, your session may time-out so be sure to first logout. When you return, log back in and continue. This will help to ensure your work will be saved. 
  • Consider use of the closed captioning feature: if you prefer having the voiceover match the text on the screen exactly, using the closed captioning feature may support your learning needs. 
  • Review the PDF version if you would like: occupational therapists are required to complete the online eLearning module. If you choose to review the PDF version to supplement your learning or for ease, you are still required to complete the online module. Consider setting aside extra time if you choose to review both the PDF and online versions.
  • Ensure a completed status: after you complete the eLearning module, ensure you have indicated the completion as required by your regulatory body. Although your answers are not being tracked or scored by ACOT, your completion is. Note that after technical testing, ACOT has determined the system provides us with the names of those who have completed the modules, so there is now no need to add the module reflection sheet to your ACOT continuing competence program (CCP) learning plan or learning records. You are welcome to add them into your CCP if you wish for your own tracking purposes.

Complete the evaluation survey: please remember to complete the anonymous eLearning module evaluation survey after you have completed the module so you can provide us with your feedback, and we can continue to improve.