Open Forum, Reflections After Renewal, International Women’s Day

You’re invited to participate in Council’s open forum on Tuesday March 21, 2023 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. online at Click here on March 21 to join the meeting. This is your opportunity to bring forward issues, concerns, questions, or any other matter you wish to share with Council, who welcomes your engagement!

We value your input, knowledge, and experiences and hope that you will join us at this open forum! If you have any questions about the open forum or require more information, please contact Marianne Baird, CEO and Registrar at or 780.436.8381 ext. 105.

Reflections After Registration Renewal

By February 28, over 2300 OTs renewed their registration on ACOT’s General or Provisional Registers. Thank you to all those who completed this before the due date. 

What happens to those OTs who don’t complete their registration on time? Their registration is cancelled, plus the OT and their employer are notified of the cancellation. Over fifty OTs did not register on time this year. Some of them had moved out of province or gone on leave without notifying ACOT. The remainder were required to stop working immediately. These OTs are required to re-apply for registration with ACOT before they can return to work. There is a $150 reapplication fee on top of the regular registration fee, and applications must be accompanied by a current criminal and vulnerable sector record check. Applications can take up to 10 business days to process, due to the volume being submitted. To avoid the resulting disruption in service to your clients, always renew your ACOT registration before the due date.  

Each year some OTs indicate they did not receive their eNews with renewal reminders – note you are obliged to renew on time even if you don’t receive the reminders, so you may want to consider setting one for yourself in your calendar. Often eNews from ACOT is not received when OTs change workplaces without updating their contact information in ACOT’s system. ACOT relies on OTs to keep their contact information current with us. We recommend using a personal email that won’t change if you change workplaces. If you’re not receiving your eNews notices, please contact the ACOT office to verify your contact information and check on your email filter settings and try adding and to your contacts. This may help to reduce ACOT communication (eNews) from being filtered into junk mail.