NOTICE Certificate Printing Issues with Mandatory Training Modules

We are aware many are not able to print a Completion Certificate at the end of the mandatory modules described in ACOT’s last eNews. We have contacted the developer and hope to have the issue solved quickly. In the meantime, once you have completed the modules, if you are able to see the certificate and just not able to print it, take a screenshot and save it as a .pdf or image file. If you are not able to see the certificate, take a screenshot of the screen that advises you that you have completed the course and save it as a .pdf or image file. You will then be able to upload the .pdf or image file as a supporting document in a Learning Record when completing your 2020-2021 Continuing Competence Program (CCP) and will not have to retake the modules. Please note that this mandatory requirement is for 2020-2021 and not for the 2019-2020 CCP you are completing with your current renewal. You will be required to declare that you have completed the modules when renewing next year for the 2021-22 registration year. Thank you.