New Council Member Appointment

The College is excited to announce that Karen Blumenstock has been appointed to Council for a three year term, commencing in October 2018!

Council received one nomination by the closing of nominations, April 1, 2018, as set out by section 4.1(c) of the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists Bylaws. As there was only one nominee and only one vacant position on Council, there will be no election.

It’s Time to Complete Your 2018 Self Assessment!

Now is the time to begin your continuing competence program by completing your self assessment and creating your action plan for the year! To do this, log into the members section on the ACOT website (

The online program allows you to access your self-assessment, goals, and reflection at any time so that you can modify and add to your continuing competence program throughout the year as you take on learning activities and complete your goals.

Ideally, each regulated member should be completing their self-assessment and creating their action plan (goals) at the beginning of the registration year (March). Regulated members may then modify and update their goals as they complete their learning activities. The reflection should not be completed until the goal has been achieved or upon renewal.

For more information and instruction on how to complete the continuing competence program, please view the tutorial video at:

If you have any questions regarding the online continuing competence program, please contact Mallory Foreman at T: (780) 436-8381 ext. 101 or E: