More Standards Ready for Review & CCP Meet Ups

Options for Providing Input on the New Standards and Code of Ethics

As we get closer to finalizing the drafts of ACOT’s new Standards of Practice (SoP) and Code of Ethics (CoE), we are offering additional ways to get your feedback. We hope you will partake in one or more of the following:

Complete the Feedback Survey with the next three SoP that are ready for Registrant review right now (plan for 20-40min).

The next three SoP for review includes the Consent, Documentation & Record Keeping and Privacy & Confidentiality SoP. A survey to capture your feedback has been created.

For your reference, a document including these three SoP along with the four SoP already sent for review (Communication, Competence, Restricted Activities and Service Delivery), can be accessed here.

The survey will remain open until Monday November 28 @ Noon

You are welcome to complete the survey on your own or as a group (e.g., at a staff /team meeting, community of practice meet-up, etc.)

Join one of the one-hour SoP/CoE Input Sessions. No need to pre-register, just click on the link for the date/time that works for you (also accessed from the ACOT website).

Schedule a SoP/CoE Input Session for your workplace anytime in December or January (contact Angela Meneley to arrange a date/time).

Complete the Feedback Survey that will be sent out in early January will the full set of fifteen (15) SoP and the new CoE (plan for 1-2 hours to review and provide feedback).

We hope that you will be able to participate in at least one of these options. The feedback we have received so far has been very helpful in making the SoP and CoE meaningful for all ACOT registrants regardless of role/job title, practice area/setting, years in practice or level of experience.

Continuing Competence Autumn Meet Ups

Do you need a refresher on why you must complete the CCP? Do you want a review of Reflective Practice and how to incorporate it throughout your CCP? Do you want guidance on what content to include in each component of the CCP? Do you want an ACOT staff member to review a CCP from the first component through to the last? Would you like the opportunity to get quick and easy advice from an ACOT staff member while you login and add content to your own CCP?

If so, join us for our 30 mins, Autumn CCP Meet Ups. No need to pre-register, just click on the link for the session date/time below.

Tuesday, November 22, 330-4pm

Monday, December 19, 430-5pm