March eNews – The 2016-2017 Continuing Competence Program is Now Open!

The 2016-2017 Continuing Competence Program is now Open.

As of March 1, 2016 the 2016-2017 Continuing Competence Program is open.

With the new registration year underway, now is the time to complete your self-assessment and set your goals. This can be done by logging into the members section on the ACOT website.

The online program allows you to access your self-assessment, goals, and reflection at any time, therefore you can modify and add to your continuing competence program throughout the year.

Ideally each regulated member should be completing their self-assessment and creating their goals at the beginning of the registration year (March or April). Regulated members may then modify and update their goals as they complete their learning activities. The reflection should not be completed until the goal has been achieved or upon renewal.

If you have any questions in regards to the online continuing competence program please contact Kirsten Ash at T: (780) 436-8381 (780) 436-8381 x 105 or E:

Accepted Acupuncture and Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program


The College maintains a roster of occupational therapists qualified to use acupuncture in their practice. Only occupational therapists registered on the College Acupuncture Roster may incorporate the restricted activity of acupuncture into their practice. Occupational therapists on the Acupuncture Roster must have successfully completed all the required coursework and examinations of an approved program of study in accordance with Section 18 of the Occupational Therapists Profession Regulation (AR 217/2006) which states:

For the purpose of needle acupuncture, only a regulated member who has provided evidence to the Registrar of having successfully completed advanced training approved by the Council…

At this time the Acupuncture Programs at the following institutions have been approved by Council:

  • Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Grant MacEwan University
  • Reeves College
  • McMaster University

Occupational Therapy Doctorate Programs:

Section 22 (3) of the Occupational Therapists Profession Regulation (AR 217/2006) indicates that a regulated member can use the title of Dr. when they have a doctorate degree from an occupational therapy program recognized by Council.

At this time the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Degree Programs of the institutions below have been recognized by Council:

  • Boston University
  • University of Kansas Medical Centre
  • University of Southern California
  • Thomas Jefferson University