Making it Through Wave 5, Cancelling Your Registration, SEAS Recruiting, CCP Series

Pandemic Update

ACOT staff would again like to acknowledge how challenging and exhausting this pandemic continues to be for you and your colleagues – we can only begin to imagine how stressful trying to provide safe and ethical OT services to your clients must be.

Our direction to you at this time is:

The guidance in the August 16, 2021 version of ACOT’s Pandemic Guideline is still relevant for OTs whose employer’s guidance does not at least meet or exceed what ACOT has directed. ACOT staff are working on updating the guideline and FAQs to reflect the highly transmissible nature of the Omicron variant – watch for it on the Practice Resources page or by clicking on the COVID-19 banner on the ACOT website.

It remains critical to screen clients for symptoms and to implement as many infection prevention and control measures as you deem necessary, per your risk assessment. Appendices A and B of ACOT’s Pandemic Guideline have guidance on which workplace controls to use and which PPE to wear and when.

ACOT continues to encourage all registrants to be vaccinated against communicable diseases for which vaccines exist and thus strongly encourages all OTs to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

You are not expected to provide advice regarding vaccination as vaccination is not considered part of OT practice.

However, if a client or your employer asks for your advice or opinion on COVID-19 immunization or any medical or health concern related to COVID-19, we expect you to point them to advice that is in line with provincial public health guidance and grounded in science and best practices.

You can refer your employer/clients, with vaccine specific inquires or concerns, to credible sources of information and/or an appropriate regulated health professional who is authorized to have a supportive conversation about vaccination (e.g., their pharmacist or primary care provider).

Remember that regardless of your vaccination status or that of your clients, colleagues or staff – masking with medical grade masks and use of any other workplace controls/PPE you deem necessary for safety is still required.

In closing, ACOT staff and Council wish to express our sincere gratitude for your hard work and dedication throughout this challenging pandemic.

Cancelling Your Registration?

If you plan to cancel your registration for any reason, please login to the system to do this before February 28. Otherwise, a cancellation notice will be sent on March 2 to your last employer we have on file.

Instructions on how to renew or cancel your registration can be found in the Guide to Registration Renewal on the ACOT website: My Permit – Alberta College of Occupational Therapists (ACOT)

SEAS Program – Competency Assessor

The Substantial Equivalency Assessment System (SEAS) Program is looking for a Competency Assessor in Alberta.

All internationally educated occupational therapists (IEOTs) who wish to work as an OT in Canada must first complete the Substantial Equivalency Assessment System (SEAS) Program. SEAS is a single centralized process for the assessment of educational qualifications and competencies of IEOTs. SEAS determines whether the education and competencies are substantially equivalent to Canadian-educated OTs. See the ACOTRO website for more information about SEAS.

Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Quick Support Series

Do you need a quick refresher on your annual Registration Renewal? Would you like to know why you must complete the CCP? Or do you need guidance on how to edit your profile? Or how to add a Learning Activity Record? Are you limited in time and want a targeted session that is 15 minutes in length? If so, please join ACOT staff for one of our 15-minute CCP Support Series sessions. One of the 4 focused sessions will be offered daily until the registration renewal deadline. The schedule will be updated weekly. No need to pre-register – find the link under the Continuing Competence tab, CCP Resources, then click on the session day/time that works for you when you’re ready to join.