Improvements Coming!

Improvements Coming to our Registration and Continuing Competence Program Software

Starting in the Fall of 2019 you may notice ACOT’s online platform for registration and tracking of continuing competence activities has changed. The look and feel as well as the functionality of the platform is being updated, partly in response to the feedback ACOT received in a recent survey and focus groups.

We’re here to help if you would like assistance navigating in the new platform – give Mallory a call at 780-436-8381 extension 101. Online education modules will also be developed and available before the 2020 registration renewal season.

Continuing Competence Committees Update

We are so appreciative of the interest shown in the review of ACOT’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP). Our thanks go out to all that participated in the CCP survey and focus groups, and those that have been in contact with us directly or through your practice leads and/or colleagues on Council.

The survey responses and focus group transcripts were reviewed and three main themes came through. We are certain these will resonate with all ACOT registrants:

• Unclear expectations : Why is the CCP necessary? What is expected to be included in the various CCP requirements (Self-Assessment Tool, Practice Challenge Log, Action Plan, Portfolio)? What is the process for determining a quality CCP submission or the CCP’s effectiveness in ensuring the safety of the public?
• Frustrating user interface: challenges with the platform timing out, difficulty navigating through the various pages and finding older versions of the Self-Assessment or Challenge Log to refer to.
• Lack of “fit”: difficulty applying the Standards of Practice to the diverse real world clinical and non-clinical practice areas where OTs are working in Alberta; not enough flexibility to choose practice challenges that are outside of the Standards or span more than one Standard; unable to see the relevance in the exercise of completing the CCP.

The members of the Core Continuing Competence Committee and the Continuing Competence Metrics Committee prepared a list of recommended changes to the CCP for ACOT Council’s consideration and approval.

A full report outlining more detailed results from the surveys, focus groups, and both Committees’ work along with a description of approved short- medium- and long-term changes to the CCP will be made available shortly.