February eNews – Workplace Bullying

Although the issue of workplace bullying is an employer issue and does not fall within the College mandate, we recognize that is a pertinent issue for Occupational Therapists in Alberta. These inappropriate behaviours come in many different forms and create an unhealthy working environment.

The Government of Alberta has funded the development of a website (www.thingsneedtochange.ca) that addresses the reality of abusive behaviour between colleagues in health professions and provides solutions for resolving abusive behaviours. The inappropriate behaviours addressed by the website include backstabbing, broken confidence, failure to respect privacy, infighting, intimidating behaviour, non-verbal innuendos, sabotage, scapegoating, threatening behaviours, undermining activity, verbal affront, and withholding information.

The website also contains videos that portray how some of these inappropriate and abusive behaviours take place in daily practice and how they may even become so regular that people tend to become unaware of their severity.

If you are interested in making sure your workplace is a safe environment free from abusive behaviours and bullying please visit www.thingsneedtochange.ca for more information.