Director, Policy & Practice Role and Continuing Competence Program Updates

Director, Policy & Practice

ACOT’s new Director, Policy & Practice, Angela Sekulic is settling into her role now, which is currently focused on refreshing the College’s website and Continuing Competence Program for the 2020 registration cycle. Going forward, Angela will be concentrating on addressing practice issues and drafting or updating practice advisories, which will be prioritized based on the inquiries we receive and on the 2018 Survey Results from the Ad Hoc Practice Advisory Committee.

Stay Tuned for Continuing Competence Program Updates

With over 400 responses received for our Continuing Competence Program (CCP) survey, and 43 participants taking part in the CCP online focus groups, we have a tremendous data set to guide our next steps for the CCP. We have themed the data and resulting recommendations, which include short-, medium- and long-term changes for the CCP. Council will consider the recommendations for approval over the next few weeks, and we will work with our software developer to determine an implementation schedule for the required updates to the Alinity platform that houses our CCP.

Look for a finalized report out this summer on the themes and approved recommendations for short-, medium- and long-term changes to the CCP. Thanks to all who participated in this important work, including the Continuing Competence Committee who have worked tirelessly within tight timelines to make changes in time for the 2020 registration cycle.