Call for Nominations 2018

The Alberta College of Occupational Therapists is seeking 1 occupational therapist to join the 8-member Council (6 elected occupational therapists and 2 public members). Interested members are invited to submit a nomination form to the College by April 1, 2018.

the council

Working as a team, councillors determine the vision for the regulation of occupational therapists in Alberta.  Councillors bring unique expertise and perspectives to the process of probing the challenges facing the profession and translating the needs of the public into College goals for competent and ethical occupational therapy services.  The Council uses a system of governance that delegates the achievement of these goals to the Registrar.

The College is seeking diversity in its Council and is looking for representation from both rural and urban populations, varying geographic locations and different models of health care delivery.

benefits of becoming a councillor

• Expanding knowledge of professional and regulatory issues
• Building leadership skills
• Having the opportunity to influence the direction of the profession
• Taking part in educational sessions designed specifically for councillors

what’s the time commitment?

Councillors are elected for a term of 3 years. The Council meets 10 times per year in face-to-face meetings (in Edmonton). Councillors may be asked to participate on working committees of Council which could further extend the time commitment.

need more info?

For more on Council initiatives or the role of Councillors, contact Kerstin Hurd, Chair, Nominations Committee, at E:, or contact the College at E:, T: 780.436.8381 or 1.800.561.5429 (toll free in Alberta).