Do you have an interest in professional conduct issues? Have you been wondering how you can use your skills to serve the public in a different way? Are you looking for ways to continue to learn and stay engaged in the profession, but perhaps have limited time to commit? 

This is your chance to be part of some exciting and rewarding work while giving back to the OT profession!  

Joining the Complaint Review Committee (CRC) and Hearing Tribunal (HT) membership list allows you to take part in complaint reviews and hearings as appointed by the Hearings Director, making important decisions related to professional conduct issues.  

In addition to regulated OTs, CRCs and HTs include government-appointed public members and carry out their duties according to the processes outlined in the Health Professions Act.  

 What You Will Gain:                                                                                                                       

  • An opportunity to impact how the profession serves Albertans. 
  • Training and education related to professional conduct issues and your duties as a CRC or HT member. Other support as required to acquire the competencies and confidence to carry out the duties of the role.  
  • Exciting opportunities to be involved in hearings and complaint review committees. 
  • Learning experience to add to your Continuing Competence Program and to your resume. 


  • Each member on the list may expect to participate in 1 to 4 CRCs or hearings per year. CRCs and HTs are typically conducted in one 2–4-hour session, however HTs can take longer.  
  • Hearings and CRCs can be held virtually, or in person.    
  • Any expenses incurred during your participation in a CRC or HT will be reimbursed (e.g., meals, travel, missed work, childcare).