ACOT’s COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Planning, Update on Registration Renewal

ACOT’s COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Planning

ACOT has reviewed and is prepared to follow its Infection Prevention and Control and Business Continuity policies and procedures in response to the emergence of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Alberta. We encourage all OTs to follow the recommendations from their employers and authorities such as Alberta Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada who are providing up-to-date information on the current situation, prevention measures, actions being taken, and more.

Update on Registration Renewal

Our first registration renewal using the updated version of the platform was not without glitches, but we managed to get almost all of ACOT’s registrants renewed prior to the submission deadline!
Some issues we encountered that we would like to draw your attention to include:

  1. Email’s from ACOT, particularly those coming to you from within the platform (e.g. password reset notification, renewal reminders and others), are being blocked by employer firewalls or by the settings you have configured within your email account (i.e. junk mail folder set-up to automatically delete all junk mail). As email is the most efficient way to communicate with registered OTs in Alberta, we recommend:
    • Do not use your employer email address as your primary/login email.
    • Use an email address that you check frequently.
    • Check the settings on your email account to ensure that emails from ACOT are not blocked.
  2. We notice that some people have completed their 2019-20 Continuing Competence Program (CCP) components with content relating to the 2020-21 registration year. If this is you, we can unlock your 2019-20 submission for editing/updating so that it reflects what you had undertaken in the past registration year. Send an email to and we will coach you through the process.
  3. Please do not wait until renewal to change your personal or employer information. You are required, as per the Health Professions Act, to inform ACOT immediately of any such changes. Updating before the registration renewal period of Jan 1- Feb 28/29 will also help you avoid any delays in proceeding to payment.

Over the next few months, we will be working with the platform developer to correct some of the other glitches we encountered so that next year’s renewal goes even more smoothly. We also plan to update and add to the CCP resources on the ACOT website. Thanks to those who already offered suggestions for improvement to the platform functionality and the CCP resources; we are still open to receiving ideas and recommendations – please email