Stage 3 of Alberta’s Open for Summer Plan

Guidance for OTs as the Province Reopens July 1

Late yesterday afternoon, we received the following direction from Alberta Health in response to our inquiries about what Stage 3 of the government’s Open for Summer Plan means for OTs and the provision of health services outside of AHS (and their affiliates/contracted providers) and Covenant:

Decisions regarding professional standards or guidance for COVID-19 must come from the colleges to ensure the public is protected when receiving care from their regulated members.

ACOT continues to align our guidance for OTs employed/contracted outside of AHS/Covenant with the Alberta Public Health Disease Management Guidelines: COVID-19 (June 28, 2021). Section 6 of the June 28, 2021 version of the government’s guideline states:

At this time, immunized Health Care Workers (HCWs) should continue to use recommended PPE when caring for patients. (p. 27)

ACOT’s practice guideline – Safe Delivery of Services During Eased Pandemic Restrictions – has been updated to reflect this direction. In summary, please continue to employ the Infection Prevention Control practices outlined in ACOT’s guideline regardless of your/your clients’ immunization status. You can still request your client’s mask during service delivery but if they will not/cannot, employ other workplace controls as necessary.

Two-factor Authentication – Coming Your Way

In fall of 2021, ACOT will be requiring all registered OTs to use two-factor authentication when using the Alinity systems. More information about this change will be announced in the coming months.