CCP Refresh – COMING SOON! & COVID-19 Guidelines Retired

Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Refresh – COMING SOON!

ACOT’s CCP will be refreshed to match up with upcoming changes to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

To align with the amended Health Professions Act (HPA), draft Standards of Practice (SoP) and Code of Ethics (CoE) are currently with the Ministry of Health for review (see the Standards of Practice Refresh page for copies of the draft SoP and CoE). As of June 15, 2023, the Accountability and Professional Responsibility and Restricted Activities standards have been approved by Government and Council.  It is anticipated that the remaining SoP and CoE will be approved by fall. Once approved, they will replace the current SoP and CoE in their entirety.

As you are aware, the current CCP is based on ACOT’s SoP and CoE. Once the DRAFT new SoP and CoE are approved, the CCP for the 2024-2025 registration year will need to reflect the new SoP and CoE.

And so, ACOT has embarked on a CCP Refresh! Keep a look out in your email inbox for updates to the Standards, Code, and CCP.

Alanna Ferguson, Director of Competence & Practice will be hosting CCP Meet Ups again this summer and fall to help all registrants engage in the CCP and navigate the refresh to make the 2024-2025 renewal process as smooth and seamless as possible.

If you have any questions about the new SoP or CoE, feel free to contact, Director of Regulation & Policy. Questions about the CCP Refresh can go to, Director of Competence & Practice.

ACOT COVID-19 Guideline to be Retired

New Infection Prevention and Control Guideline Under Development

First and foremost, we must acknowledge what a rollercoaster ride the COVID-19 pandemic has been! ACOT staff and Council are so appreciative of how ACOT registrants adapted again and again to provide competent and ethical services throughout the past >3 years.

With our colleagues at Alberta Health Services removing the continuous masking requirement for their staff as of June 19, 2023, ACOT has also decided that it is time to retire our current COVID-19 specific practice guideline where continuous masking was still strongly recommended. Please note, that as variants of the COVID-19 virus and other infectious agents are still circulating, risk-based assessment and use of infection prevention and control measures is still expected where there is risk of transmission of any infectious agent(s). ACOT staff will work over the next week or two to amend the COVID-19 guideline to be a more generic Infection Prevention and Control practice guideline. Watch the Practice Guidance Documents section of ACOT website for the new guideline once it is posted.