Call for Competence Committee Members

Do you have an interest in ensuring Albertans receive safe and competent OT services? Perhaps you’re interested in the measurement and evolution of ACOT’s continuing competence […]

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Improvements Coming!

Improvements Coming to our Registration and Continuing Competence Program Software Starting in the Fall of 2019 you may notice ACOT’s online platform for registration and tracking […]

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Director, Policy & Practice Role and Continuing Competence Program Updates

Director, Policy & Practice ACOT’s new Director, Policy & Practice, Angela Sekulic is settling into her role now, which is currently focused on refreshing the College’s […]

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There’s Still Time to Register for Continuing Competence Online Focus Groups!

ACOT will be holding 7 online focus groups during the first week of June for people interested in providing input about the Continuing Competence Program. There’s […]

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Annual Reports

2017/18 Annual Report PFD

2017/18 Annual Report

2016/17 Annual Report PFD

2016/17 Annual Report

2015/16 Annual Report PDF

2015/16 Annual Report

2014/15 Annual Report PDF

2014/15 Annual Report

In what way does your OT impact your life?

Enabling more independence and be able to interact with my surroundings.
Ramon Bravo
Ramon Bravo, Patient